john green this is all ur fault stop blaming the stars

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picking up something in front of your crush 


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one of my favourite photos

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  • guys: uh why do girls care so much about being skinny? it's so annoying
  • guys: ew fat chicks
  • guys: why do girls care so much about shopping and romance and nail polish lol so annoying
  • guys: ew crazy butch lesbian manly feminazis why can't they act more feminine lol
  • guys: why do girls wear makeup they look so much better without it
  • guys: oh i'm so sorry are you sick? tired? dying?
  • guys: haha girls suck at math/science/sports
  • guys: a girl who does math/science/sports? well? get back in the kitchen that shits not gonna get you a husband
  • guys: why are girls so sensitive when we look at their boobs or something c'mon with that top you're asking for it
  • guys: oh my god a gay guy just hit on me how fucking disgusting what a creeper doesn't he have any boundaries?


ok mom if you’re going to scream my name the least you could fucking do is respond to me when i say “WHAT” 20 times

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Nymphomaniac - 2013

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the worst part about ugly dudes is everyone defends them like ‘he’s really funny though’ or something but if a chick is ugly to someone they just straight up dirt like they might as well not even have a personality 

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if youre a mosquito unfollow me right now

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Lana Del Rey performing in Montreal to a crowd of 15,000 fans 5/5/14

wish I could go back to this night, I miss her

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*releases 420 cows into a field* hahahaha graze it

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